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So they did away with God in the name of peace and quietness.

It is worse than useless for Christians to talk about the importance of Christian morality unless they are prepared to take their stand upon the fundamentals of Christian theology. It is a lie to say that dogma does not matter; it matters enormously. It is fatal to let people suppose that Christianity is only a mode of feeling; it is vitally necessary to insist that it is first and foremost a rational explanation of the universe.

It is hopeless to offer Christianity as a vaguely idealistic aspiration of a simple and consoling kind; it is, on the contrary, a hard, tough, exacting, and complex doctrine, steeped in a drastic and uncompromising realism. And it is fatal to imagine that everybody knows quite well what Christianity is and needs only a little encouragement to practice it. Dorothy Sayers , a graduate of Oxford University, was a British author, playwright, and scholar. Sayers was a friend of C. Lewis, J. Tolkien, T. Eliot, and Charles Williams.

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Designed by. The Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture. Christianity, then, is shown here as the helping hand ready to give deprived teenagers an alternative path to the one offered by the criminal underworld — in a different era, it would have been perfect material for Scorsese. A humble film about the most humble of Christian saints, Francesco, giullare di Dio is made up of 10 disconnected scenes from the life of Saint Francis and his followers.

A sickly man, the priest leads an ascetic and unhealthy lifestyle, and his parishioners do little to welcome or comfort him. The priest notes his encounters and exploits in his diary, and Bresson frequently shows us the actions that we hear the priest recounting in his diary through voiceover.

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Centring on a family in crisis, Ordet contains a multi-layered narrative in which each character represents a contrasting approach towards faith. There is the old, Lutheran patriarch Morten Borgen and his three sons: agnostic Mikkel and his pious wife Inger; mad Johannes, who believes he is Jesus; and young Anders, madly in love with the daughter of the leader of a fundamentalist Christian sect.

Specifically, Bergman questions whether such an idea can be maintained when faced with the deteriorating state of the world, represented here by fear of the atomic bomb. Through its ambiguous ending, Winter Light illustrates the necessity of ritualised faith, even while quietly suggesting that the ritual may be empty. Hugely controversial upon release, The Last Temptation of Christ seeks to humanise the son of God, avoiding beauteous pageantry in favour of gritty realism.

The central thesis of the film, and the Vatican-blacklisted book by Nikos Kazantzakis on which it is based, is that Jesus was both divine and human, and therefore prone to the same temptations as the rest of mankind, including those of the flesh.

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In fact, the argument goes, it is precisely because Jesus is able to overcome these temptations that his crucifixion has significance: without temptation, there is no sacrifice. Nevertheless, many Christians took offence at the film, specifically its depiction of the eponymous temptation itself, in which Jesus descends from the cross to marry and raise a family. Here, a vulnerable Christine Natalie Morse is talked into becoming an anchoress by a hypocritical, self-serving priest Christopher Eccleston after she has a vision of the Virgin Mary. Featuring a superb performance from Sylvie Testud as Christine, a woman with severe multiple sclerosis, Lourdes details a pilgrimage to the eponymous city, the site of a miraculous healing spring.

The leader of the pilgrimage talks about wanting to bring a feeling of happiness and relief to the sick, and the trip is presented as one of the few ways that the lonely, predominantly disabled pilgrims can find company. Hausner undercuts the piety, however, by populating her humorous film with randy helpers and repeated references to the crass commercialisation of the town — without ever letting her film be swallowed by cynicism.

If anything, when a possibly miraculous healing occurs, it would seem to be a strong affirmation of faith.

Morris SL The Drama of Christianity () | Tabernacle Bookshop

Lourdes, then, simultaneously confirms and undermines faith, making it a deeply mysterious work. Black outlook: why the marginalised need sci-fi more than ever. Where to begin with Carl Dreyer. Where to begin with Ingmar Bergman. Where to begin with Martin Scorsese.

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Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Introduction The church and its history The essence and identity of Christianity Historical views of the essence Early views Medieval and Reformation views Modern views The question of Christian identity The history of Christianity The primitive church The relation of the early church to late Judaism The relation of the early church to the career and intentions of Jesus The Gentile mission and St.

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Relics and saints The cult system of religious beliefs and rituals of the saints emerged in the 3rd century and gained momentum from the 4th to the 6th century. Load Next Page. More About. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.