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War after war I cannot imagine being just the average tavern owner or shopkeeper living under the stress. The author does a good job incorporating history into his plot. The main characters are like day and night, yet such good investigating partners as they, once again, are assigned the task of solving a murder.

I would recommend to readers of historical fiction. Good plot. Feb 01, Susan rated it really liked it. The date is and the England of King Cnut. Winston and Halfdan have arrived at the monastery at Brixworth, on their way to Peterborough. But when they are woken during the night to be shown a dead monk, they are asked to investigate. Is the first clue given to them that the monk's hand had been cut off. An interesting and enjoyable mystery.

Aug 02, Boosmummy rated it really liked it. I love historical mysteries and this is definitely a good follow up to book 1. The writing is easy to read and the story flows well. I enjoyed the characters, even the annoying ones like Edward and Simon!

Book Review: ‘Oathbreaker’ The Kings Hounds book 2 by Martin Jensen – Book Squirrel

Well worth a read. May 08, MsONeal rated it liked it. Quick read; decent mystery. Jun 04, Lance Mitchell rated it liked it. Far too many characters Too many characters that are not a major part of the story and names that are difficult to remember or say. Mar 28, Linda Griffin rated it really liked it. After a slow start, those second book in the series delivered a satisfying mystery. Apr 01, Jeannie Walker rated it really liked it. This non-fiction murder mystery by Martin Jensen reminds me somewhat of my own true crime saga where I teamed up with the sheriff and Texas Ranger to help solve the murder of my millionaire ex-husband.

That heinous atrocity was an extremely cruel and wicked act that took the life of someone I loved even though we were divorced.

Oathbreaker The Kings Hounds Series

I became his voice, as he no longer had one. Oathbreaker The King's Hounds series is set in the period of a time when the Danish ruled English, it is based on a real event. Jeannie Walker Award-Winning Author Book received through GoodReads giveaway program for an honest review. Thanks for the book! I really enjoyed the characters in this novel. Halfdan and Winston are just the right blend of humorous, serious, and dedication that I love.

I especially enjoyed Halfdan. He's a down to earth kinda guy that likes his earthy pleasures, has a strong sense of honor, and is loyal to those he feels deserves it. The time period the author chose to write about also was fascinating. This is a often forgotten time period when it comes to historical fiction. The author brought the time period to life in his descriptions of the setting and his presentation of the volatile politics of the period. That era of England's history was such a stew-pot of Dane, Saxon, and Angle strife that that alone kept me enthralled on top of the rest of the story.

I was kept guessing for the most part on the whodunit; I couldn't predict the murderer until it was revealed. So that was a plus. But the investigation itself left much to be desired. A lot of the clues and such relied on hearsay and "eyewitness" testimony. There were a few random physical clues incorporated into the investigation. But if this case would have been put through an actual court, methinks it would have been dismissed due to lack of evidence.

The characters and setting were good in this book.

But the mystery really was a letdown. I definitely wouldn't recommend this novel if you're looking for a vastly engaging mystery. However, if you're looking for a good story with entertaining characters set in a time period you'll have a hard time finding somewhere else, give this book a look. A gripping medieval mystery, , delves deeply into a chaotic world where alliances change, but oaths are forever. Was amazed as to how much, except for the Oaths, the people sort of lived like we do! I fell in love with the little twelve year old girl that helped in the murder so much just by being the inquisitive little brat she was.

She also put a lot of humor into the story. Also made me mindful of how the colors we have today they didn't have back then. Also how much more difficult it was to get all sorts of things that we just take for granted today! Also enjoyed how each village, farm shared what they had with most everybody! I had never heard of King Cult so also learned a lot helped me to understand "oaths" a lot more also.

Good read! This is a murder mystery set in England in when a Viking, Cnut, has managed to become king of most of England.

The King's Hounds

King Cnut asks that Halfdan, the book's narrator, and his employer, Winston the Illuminator, to go north and covertly see if there is any evidence of treasonous activity against Cnut's rule. During Halfdan's and Winston's stay at a monastery, a monk is killed and his hand is chopped off. H This is a murder mystery set in England in when a Viking, Cnut, has managed to become king of most of England.

Halfdan and Winston are asked to investigate this crime and try to discover who the murderer is. I enjoyed reading this novel. It was a good depiction of the time period with its caste system, hypocritical monks, etc. It is an interesting plot where the little details make all the difference - even the color of a woman's accessory or the translation of the name can mean more than one would expect. This is the second novel starring Halfdan and Winston, and I am thinking of reading the first novel. Luckily, this novel does not give anything away from the first book all it mentions is that Winston and Halfdan solve a murder for King Cnut.

In the prologue of this book, there is the telling of the slaughter of men who was given an oath of peace to meet with Cnut, but instead are killed. This is based on a true story that the author has cleverly used as a starting point to this story. And the author is actually Danish, and this book has been translated from Danish.

I won this copy from one of the Goodreads giveaways. It took me an unreasonable amount of time to read this book. Part of my problem was the extremely tiny font used in this book, but the primary roadblock was my ignorance. I know nothing about this period of history and I was flummoxed by the political intrigues, titles, hierarchies and names both Danish and Saxon. The Author's Note at the end of the book wasn't much help. I almost didn't make it past the prologue with its impenetrable names. One event described in the prologue becomes relevant It took me an unreasonable amount of time to read this book.

One event described in the prologue becomes relevant at the end of the book, but I wish that it could have been woven into the story without making me read the prologue. Once I got into this book, I found it to be an entertaining mystery with colorful period details and touches of humor. I did not read the previous book in this series about the illuminator Winston and his assistant, the former nobleman Halfdan, but I liked these characters and I don't think I needed to have read the prior book in order to understand this one.

Winston and Halfdan spend most of the book investigating the murder of a monk.

I was not crazy about Winston's girlfriend inserting herself into the investigation, but she was a very pushy woman and I expect that if there are future books in this series that there will be no way of getting rid of her. While ultimately I enjoyed this story, I doubt that I will read any more books in this series. It was just too much of a struggle for me. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. Mar 08, Dianne rated it really liked it Shelves: detective , medieval-mysteries. Second in the series featuring Halfdan and the Illuminator Winston.

It is a most enjoyable read. The translation is excellent and the style light and humerous. Halfdan is the narrator, a dispossessed Thane living on his wits. Although we have all heard of the Vikings and the Danelaw, it is not a period commonly used in historicak mysteries. But one is introduced to the world of Angles, Saxons, Danes, Vikings and all the complexities of pre-Norman Britain with a very light touch.

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Winston and Halfdan are sent to Mercia by King Cnut to assess the feelings in that part of the country controlled by the Saxon ealdorman Leofwine. They travel with the party of Prior Edmund of Peterborough under the pretext of Illuminating a book for him. On route they halt at Brixham where Edmund has a personal task to undertake, and shortly thereafter a monk is murdered. So the two have two mysteries to solve, the murder of the monk and the integrity of Leofwine's sons.

The prologue introduces the reader into the Killing of Uhtred of Northumbria and his followers by Thurbrand the Hold in Wiheal in , which is very relevant to the story although how does not become clear until the end.

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Unfortunately this seems to be the last in the series at the moment. Okay, put me down as guilty. When, as a devote of monastery murders a la Ellis Peters Brother Cadfael , I learned the subject of this adventure, I had to drop other things over the weekend and zoom through Oathbreaker. This book also takes place in the time of King Cnut's unification of England.