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Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
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  2. I Know Where I’m Going by Anonymous. Colum, Padraic. Anthology of Irish Verse
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  3. I Know Where I'm Going! , directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger | Film review.

Last week this English writing-directing team gave us the artistically exciting "Black Narcissus. Wendy Hiller, back on the screen for the first time since "Major Barbara" , is giving a facile, captivating portrayal of a materialistic young woman who believes that money is the springboard to all earthly happiness. She is expertly assisted by Roger Livesey as a British naval officer who would convince her otherwise and a host of lesser-known players, each of whom appears to have been chosen for his or her particular role with meticulous care.

These minor characters are fully rounded personalities, and what they have to say and do exerts considerable influence upon the destiny of the principals.

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In other words, "I Know Where I'm Going" is a striking example of the ensemble precept of movie making. At 26 Joan Webster is represented as a girl who had always known where she was going in life. And, as the story gets under way, she is going from London to the Island of Kiloran, in the Hebrides, to marry an elderly and wealthy industrialist.

I Know Where I’m Going

A storm maroons her for eight days on the Isle of Mull in the company of the personable naval officer and other Highland folk, and for the first time in her life Miss Webster begins to live with her heart as well as her head. This simple story line is developed with considerable imagination, wit and emotional insight into a thoroughly en-joyable and exhilarating romantic experience.

Practically all of "I Know Where I'm Going" unfolds on the rugged, picturesque Isle of Mull, and the Scottish inhabitants and their customs are exquisitely depicted. The whole atmosphere of the film is alive with the sound of whining wind and the crashing of angry waves on the rocky coast, the ghosts of ancient, kilted clansmen standing silent watch over abandoned castles and the skirling of bagpipes.

One of the most fascinating sequences of the picture is the Ceilidh "Kayley" , an ancient Highland song and dance ritual, held in honor of a couple celebrating their sixtieth wedding anniversary.

I Know Where I’m Going by Anonymous. Colum, Padraic. Anthology of Irish Verse

Much of the song and conversation is carried on in Gaelic at the Ceilidh, and though unintelligible to most American moviegoers, one would not want it otherwise, for therein lies the true flavor of the people. I felt so lost in life, felt like I'd never arrive My perspective was wrong If I don't know where I'm going I can't get lost This way is my…. I Try 9. September Discover the details!


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I Know Where I'm Going

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