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Author: Virginia Heath. However, the man leaves her instead with his brother Finn Matlock, then disappears. Their fake betrothal hits an unexpected snag when Finn starts to become more and more intrigued with young Evie. Author: Carla Kelly. Author: Tracey Devlyn. Ethan deBeau works for the government and is used to seducing women in order to get information from them.

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His latest case is different, involving a missing boy. He runs into a snag when he meets a Miss Sydney Hunt, who has deep suspicions about him.

He then has to try and do his job without her interference, which proves to be more difficult than he thought. Andrew Gilvry has returned to Scotland after a heartbreak and is assigned to look after Rowena MacDonald, a widow, as they journey across the highlands. However, something in her soft eyes intrigues him, and he is unsure how long he can go without kissing her. Author: Stephanie Sloane. When Lady Lucinda Grey becomes the charge of Lord William Randall, who must protect her from a kidnapping plot, neither expected what happens next.

Lord William is a rake who never intended to get serious with anyone, especially not someone as independent as Lady Lucinda, so the two must fight off urges to get serious while on the assignment. Author: Liz Tyner. Isabel Morton wants to sing, and this desire brings her to a seedy part of London where she is eventually rescued by the handsome William Balfour.

He accepts, even though Lady Sophia is promised to his brother. It soon becomes obvious that Lady Sophia is the love of his life, but he is torn between his attraction to her and his love for his brother. What will he do in the end? Author: Amelia Grey. Meet Mirabella Wittingham, who is intent on finding the man who made her cousin commit suicide. Author: Judith McNaught. Whitney Stone is in love with her childhood sweetheart, Paul. However, when her bankrupt father promises her to the Duke of Claymore, she is more determined than ever to get out of that marriage and go back to Paul.

Author: Erica Ridley Maxwell Gideon, a vice merchant, is arrogant and handsome. Their lives will intertwine in a maddening way, and Bryony shows Max that two can play at this game. She even promises to wear it herself and cause a rake to fall in love with her in 10 days, and she decides to test it out on Nicholas Pringle, known as Saint Nick. She has also fallen in love with Mr. Rutherford, even though she is engaged to another man. She is also breaking Mr. Author: Josephine C. Lieder Lucy is a psychic who many people are afraid of, but when Grant — a boy she knew from long ago — asks for her help in finding a missing family heirloom, she is hesitant to utilize her gift in order to help him.

What will he think if he knows the extent of her ability? Author: Tessa Candle A nosy marquess runs into a widow who is not all she seems to be — she may not even be a widow — and he decides to solve the riddle of her past. Author: The Duke of Knaresborough, Benedict Nesbitt, is still recuperating over the loss of the love of his life, until the day he gives a young woman and her child a ride.

Benedict thinks she might be his second chance at love, but they both realize that they have to work through their differences first. Author: Kathleen Baldwin Elizabeth and Lord Ryerton waltz together at a ball, which rekindles their affection for one another after a long absence.

Author: Kitty Curran With multiple intertwining stories, the reader enjoys the escapades of Sir Benedict Granville, a hardworking highlander named Captain Angus McTaggart, a good man gone bad named Lord Garraway Craven, and of course, the highly spirited Lady Evangeline — all at the same time. She is determined to tame him, and he is determined never to be tamed by anyone.

Historical Romance Young Wife:

Who will win out in the end? Author: Georgette Heyer This book offers 11 extraordinary stories that tells of orphans and rascals, rakes and heirs, not to mention numerous beauties and their beaus. If you love reading about affairs of the heart and affairs of honor, in a world where a regency novel comes alive, this book is the perfect one for you. When she meets Texas Ranger Nathan Blackmore, he falls hard for her, but is he going to go back to the real world that he left behind all those years ago, or pursue his love interest and come back to reality and civilization?

Author: Donna Lea Simpson Sit back and enjoy three novellas about the Regency period, and the lives and loves that intertwine in an exquisite way. Truly captivating reading. Author: Alicia Rasley Princess Tatiana is being forced to marry a British prince, who is also a murderer, simply for political gain and an alliance against Napoleon. At first he resists her attention, but then he realizes that the princess has a sadness about her that he would like to eliminate. Author: Donna Hatch Sabrina has been wondering about the regular, handsome visitor to the nearby lending library for quite some time, but she has no clue who he is.

In the end, she has to choose between security and a man who enjoys adventures, but only one will remain by her side when she needs someone the most.

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Eunice, however, is in love with Kent Fillbutton, who, as luck would have it, is engaged to someone else. All of the stories will warm your heart, and make you wish the Christmas season was a little bit closer. Author: Emily Larkin Primrose Garland is aghast when she meets Oliver Dasenby, but when he becomes a duke, Primrose is determined to help clear his name so people will no longer think he is a murderer.

But when her husband is suddenly killed, secrets come out that make her question everything, not to mention destroys everything that could possibly bring her happiness. Will the secret cause their relationship to fizzle, or are there feelings strong enough to survive? Author: Anna Bradley What happens when a woman who sets out to marry someone just for the sake of being married and a man with no marital ambitions of his own meet?

They agree on an arrangement that benefits both of them, until they begin to fall in love with one another and wonder what will happen next. Author: Ella Quinn When her brother closes down an infamous brothel, Lady Charlotte pays the consequences.

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  7. She is kidnapped and immediately starts to plan her escape, but once she spends the night with the Marquis of Kenilworth, marriage is then the only solution in her prim society. Author: Ale Feijo Ten years after Paxton and Lizzy break up — mainly due to her not being in the right social class — they meet again.

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    Their relationship proceeds slowly, but in the end it is well worth it. Author: Carla Kelly The Duke of Knaresborough, Benedict Nesbitt, is still recuperating over the loss of the love of his life, until the day he gives a young woman and her child a ride. Author: C. Edwards Colfar March lands on earth to escape the Nadeen soldiers, and he quickly becomes smitten with a young woman who snatches his heart. The Nadeens are ruthless, but Colfar is determined to come out a winner in the end and get the two things he desires most — the love of his life and an end to the war.

    He wants to be left alone.

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    Follow Abby as she fights to remember her past in order to defeat the evil threatening to devour her. Two souls so destined to be together, not even death could keep them apart. The whole of me is already broken. After losing pieces of my memory in a brutal assault, I know better than to get involved with the new guy in the building.

    Brooks Hunter is dangerously sexy with his piercing gaze and ripped body beneath his well-fitted suit. He can have any woman, yet he wants me. Their chemistry is like oil and water. My name is Ryker James. Kindle What About Marsha? This time is the last. The walls are the same white, but now they begin to reflect on her life. Marsha examines what is and what could have been… In life, the road not taken is sometimes just another left turn.

    His dark past has left him scarred, but under his hot, bad-boy exterior is a shining heart of gold. Peach Sutton will soon find out whether the gorgeous blue-eyed stranger is the devil or a saint. MAX is a sexy standalone story. She says she wants nothing to do with me. But in my world, when I want something, I take it.

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    And I want her. The problem is, Zoya is hiding a terrible secret: A baby that was never meant to be. Our enemies are coming. Lady Pia Brooks never thought the answer would be falling in love. Neither did Lord Sirius Hayes. Time has made him callous.