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Erica gets angry when she finds that Charlotte spent time with Mason, when she left Mason with Cooper since it was Mason's day off from school and Erica had to work.

Violet gets her license reinstated and enlist Sheldon to oversee her therapy sessions as a requirement to get her full license back; Pete then confront Sheldon when he believes that he is being too harsh on Violet. Amelia is confronted by the police when she breaks into the practice to steal her prescription notepad; Charlotte vouches for her, Charlotte tries to convince Amelia to stop going down the path she's taking. Sheldon works to try to find Amelia after she goes AWOL; Addison gets implanted with the embryos in an effort to get pregnant.

Erica agrees to let Mason sleep over with Charlotte and Cooper, after she finds that Charlotte was trying to protect Cooper, when she tried to pay her off. All of the doctors are surprised and angry when Amelia finally shows up to work after twelve days, acting as if nothing ever happened, and find that she and Ryan are now engaged.

The next day when Amelia arrives, she finds that they've planned an intervention for her; Amelia begins lashing out at everyone, and tries to leave multiple times. After requesting oxycodone so she'll stay, they put it to a vote, and majority voted no; After Amelia continues to chant "What do we want? When do we want them? Everyone begins talking to Amelia in an effort to convince her to go to rehab, but Ryan shows up and Addison finds that Amelia gave him her father's watch. Addison begins telling why the watch is significant and Amelia begins screaming at her; Later Amelia and Ryan decide that they'll go to rehab and get married, but after they finish off the drugs they have in the apartment.

Jake goes to his late wife Lilly's grave; The next morning Amelia wakes up to find that Ryan has died from an overdose and decides to go to rehab.

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Amelia begins her fifty-day rehab stint, and begins bonding with a fellow patient, Hailey Debby Ryan. Addison and Violet begin to find ways that Addison can get pregnant, while Violet tries not to see everything that is wrong with her marriage. Cooper ends up missing Mason's first school play when one of his patients needs a blood transplant; Hailey tries to convince Amelia to accept that she didn't kill Ryan, that the drugs did. Addison's IVF fails, and when she tries to go for another round, she collapses from complications from the first IVF treatment.

Violet realizes that Pete won't leave her and asks him to make a decision if he still loves her; After a week she finds that he doesn't love her anymore and leaves, but doesn't want to make anything difficult for Lucas. Sam tries to talk Addison out of another round of IVF but is too late, and she says that after this round she won't have anymore eggs left, and won't be able to do IVF anymore. All of the doctors arrive at the rehab facility as family is required to come, and Amelia said they were all family, and she tries to apologize for everything she did. Amelia returns home on Thanksgiving, while Addison is in the bathroom awaiting the results of her pregnancy test.

Addison seeks out adoption when she finds out that there is no longer a chance of her getting pregnant, while Cooper tries to find out ways to discipline Mason when he finds that Mason shoplifted from a store. Jake and Violet work with a three-person couple that want to get pregnant, but things get complicated when one of the women can't get pregnant, making the three of them decide on what is right for their relationship. Addison meets with a woman who is seeking someone to adopt her baby; later that day Addison gets paged to the delivery room where the woman gives birth; Charlotte takes Sheldon to the shooting gun range to help him get over Amelia, while she tries to convince Amelia that she's ready to get back to work.

Addison is heart broken when the woman doesn't pick her to adopt her baby; Amelia begins to realize how much she hurt everyone she loved.

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Violet and Pete realize that they're going to have to adjust to being divorced; While Addison and Sam decide to break up. The male doctors at the practice have a "boys night out", which ends with Pete and Sam both going home with different women; Sheldon questions his friendship with a cop, when he asks if he can sign off on a cop with PTSD going back to work.

After Amelia begins worrying about Erica's heath, Charlotte looks into her medical records, and finds that she has a tumor in her brain that is going to eventually kill her. Violet accepts a date with a paramedic, Scott Stephen Amell ; While Addison begins wondering what her options are if she doesn't want to adopt a baby, or a woman doesn't want her to adopt her baby.

Erica threatens to leave if Charlotte tells Cooper about her tumor, only for her to show up at their apartment and tell Cooper about her tumor; While Pete tells Violet about his night with the woman he met at the bar. Charlotte begins to realize that she's growing fonder of Mason; While Sam and Addison struggle to stay friends after their break up; Jake tries to reassure Addison that she will have a baby.

Just as Violet is preparing to take the "next step" with Scott, Joann, the abused woman she met at the airport six months earlier, arrives in need of urgent medical care. Cooper and Amelia begin searching to see if there is anything that could help Erica live a longer life.

Sheldon and Sam begin online dating in an effort to find women. As Addison begins looking for surrogates, she and Jake find that no one is up to Addison's standards. Amelia offers to be her surrogate, but Addison turns her down, wanting Amelia to heal and stay sober.

What time does Grey’s Anatomy come on?

Cooper tries to make sure after Erica dies that Mason will be with him and Charlotte. After Erica asks Amelia what she would do, Erica decides not to have any further treatment since she believes it won't be worth it. Violet decides to take Joanna to her house and take care of her. Joanna's husband David breaks into Violet's house and knocks Violet unconscious. When Violet wakes up she finds that Joanna stabbed David to death. Pete gets upset when Scott drops by Violet's house while Lucas is there, and he tells Violet that Scott can't be around the house.

While at the ER, Charlotte and Pete discover that the car accident victims who come in are Mason and Erica, but luckily they are not badly injured. Sam and Sheldon try to deal with an army veteran who can't have sex with his wife, only for Sheldon to discover that the army vet was raped by his superior, and Sheldon seeks help from Violet.

Cooper gets enraged when he finds out about Erica and Mason's accident and demands that she never drives with Mason again.

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  • Violet tries to convince Cooper that he's angry that Erica is dying. Sheldon helps the army veteran tell his wife about his rape. Addison and Jake go to a medical conference, and Addison gets drunk and pursues Jake, but tells her she isn't ready for sex. Charlotte and Amelia try to help Erica cope with her terminal illness. Violet takes the next step with Scott after she finds that Pete is jealous. Sam gets a call and finds that his sister robbed a convenience store and goes to pick her up from the police station.

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    Sam finds his estranged sister, Corinne, in jail, heavily medicated and near-catatonic, and brings her to Sheldon for help, while Sam, Addison, and Pete work on a baby who has a mother who has a drug problem. Erica begins secret chemotherapy treatments, forcing Charlotte and Cooper to keep Mason in the dark. Amelia begins more research on Erica's case and finds a lead, and realizes that Derek is the person to help them; Charlotte tries to talk Erica into telling Mason about her gliosarcoma, after he runs off and demands that Charlotte bring him to Erica.

    Sam and Sheldon try to find out what is really wrong with Corrine, and Sheldon finds that she might not have all of the problems that the prison doctors said she has. Addison and Jake find it hard to talk to each other after he rejected sex with her; Erica, Amelia, Charlotte, Mason, and Cooper head to Seattle in a last effort to give her more time with Mason. Allison Liddi-Brown. Addison deals with a patient who has to choose between having a surgery that could kill one of her twins, or not perform the surgery and lose the other twin; While Sam finds that Corrine is becoming more than he can handle.

    Violet and Scott start becoming distant; While Charlotte and Cooper begin arguing after Erica's surgery because Cooper is always at Erica's house trying to take care of her and Mason. Sheldon begins worrying that Amelia might be on drugs again, only to find out that Amelia's about twenty weeks pregnant.

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    Corrine has an outburst and when Sam tries to calm her down she falls through the window, forcing Sam to realize he can't take care of her; Addison performs the babies surgery just fine. Violet wants to start therapy with Pete so they can work on their marriage, and tries to show Cooper that he's taking his frustration out on Charlotte. Jake reveals to Addison that he has feelings for her, while Sheldon tries to convince Sam to put Corrine in a facility, but Sam decides he can take care of her himself. Paul Adelstein. Jake goes to visit his step-daughter Angela at her college, and finds out that she had sex for the first time, and accidentally tells her about Addison.

    e-book Crossovers II (Welcome to the Gray Bar Hotel)

    Scott ends up in the hospital after a drunk husband beats him up after they try to help the battered wife; Sheldon begins convincing Amelia that she needs to tell Addison about her pregnancy, so she can get the right prenatal care. After Sam is forced to give Corrine her pills, he calls Sheldon and realizes that Corrine would be better suited in a facility where they can give her the therapy and support that she needs, after Corrine confesses that she would rather not be on earth. Cooper and Charlotte get a phone call from a frightened Mason and rush to the hospital with Amelia to find that Erica's condition has worsened and that there are now more tumors.

    Charlotte and Cooper are then forced to tell Mason that Erica only has one week left to live, and Erica decides after that day she doesn't want to see Mason so he can remember her healthy.

    The best time to visit Portland

    After Amelia tells Addison she's pregnant, Addison proclaims she's excited for her. As Erica's life starts slowly coming to an end, Cooper and Charlotte try to convince her that she should let Mason see her, while they also try to convince Mason that Erica isn't going to be leaving the hospital.

    Addison tries to show Amelia that having a baby is one of the most wonderful things in the world, when Amelia continues to put off an ultrasound. Violet and Pete begin their relationship again, or attempt to, but don't because neither of them knows how the other feels. Sheldon and Jake argue over a pregnant woman who nearly six months ago killed her first two children, as Sheldon believes that the woman wasn't diagnosed with postpartum depression, and that it wasn't her fault, while Jake feels that she is a cold blooded killer and she shouldn't be allowed out of jail.

    After Erica realizes that she has no time left, she agrees to let Mason see her, just as Mason comes in and hugs Erica and says 'I love you', Erica dies. Amelia agrees to an ultrasound; While Sheldon gets a call and says he's going to go see his ex-wife, after he promised Amelia he'd be there for her. Sam feels bad for putting Corrine in the facility; While Addison gets a call, that a woman who picked Addison to be the adoptive parent of her baby. After Amelia gets the devastating news that her baby has no brain she can't will herself to talk to anyone at the practice; Violet and Pete decide to go to marriage counseling to see if they can fix their marriage.

    Jake and Sam find out that they both kissed Addison on the same day, but when Sam confronts her, she states that she only really has time for Henry, the newborn baby boy she adopted. Pete, Violet, and Amelia work on the case of a young girl who was stabbed to death; as Violet begins talking to the sister, Missy, Violet begins to believe that she was the one who stabbed her sister, eventually getting the truth out of her. Violet and Pete go from being polite in therapy to bickering at each other; Charlotte and Cooper must deal with Mason who wets the bed, and now doesn't talk to anyone after Erica's death.

    Amelia enlist Jake to be her new OBGYN, after firing Addison, and decides that she wants to stay healthy and donate her babies organs to other children, so she can help other children. Everyone worries where Sheldon has disappeared, while Addison adjusts to being a new mother. Not downtown, though. Walkability is unmatched, with dozens of acclaimed restaurants, the bro-y nightlife of Chinatown, the city's best food carts, and the iconic Saturday Market all within walking distance. The hotels here run the gamut from the ultra-hip original Ace Hotel , which also houses legendary cocktail restaurant Clyde Common , to the old-school we're talking Beefeaters as bagboys Heathman , to the luxury digs at The Nines , which includes steakhouse Urban Farmer and the rooftop bar at Departure.

    Boutique hotels like the Hotel deLuxe and the newly renovated Sentinel abound. Right across the river from Downtown, Central Eastside is slowly transitioning from skid row to Portland's next big neighborhood, with restaurants like vodka-soaked Russian destination Kachka and world-famous Le Pigeon drawing crowds right along with a handful of great breweries Burnside , Upright , Hair of the Dog and bars ranging from swanky to skanky.

    The converted Jupiter Hotel is ideal for folks who want their hotel package to include a party thanks to the neighboring Doug Fir Lounge , a legendary bar and music venue. Bougier digs are available down the road a short street-car ride from the action at Hotel Eastlund. It's the perfect antithesis to downtown, a still-slightly-rough under-the-bridge area that includes the best in food and drink, easy access to the must visit, honestly Oregon Museum of Science and Industry , and a taste of the hipper-than-thou Portland you're likely thinking of in the first place.

    With more than 30 bars and restaurants in a scant block radius, Alberta Arts was an early adopter of Portland's burgeoning food scene and many would argue the first victim of gentrification. Airbnbs are aplenty here, though the area's only hotel is a doozy: The Kennedy School is an old elementary school that's been converted into a sprawling campus that includes a brewery, several bars, a restaurant, a movie theater, and a hotel where the quarters are old classrooms. In a tiny radius, the area packs an unfathomable amount of Portlandness into a few square blocks, including must-try brunch destinations Tasty n Sons and Sweedeedee ; breweries like Ecliptic and Stormbreaker ; multiple cart pods, including one outside German beer hall Prost that includes the city's best BBQ in the form of Matt's ; and more.

    Still doubting the Portland cred? This is an area where a boutique taxidermy emporium exists a block from a place that only sells lightbulbs , which is right next to an indie music venue , a salt store , and a synthesizer shop. Do NOT be lured by the many hotels across the walking bridge from the neighborhood: They're generally fleabags. But the Airbnb options are strong here, and include tons of tiny houses.

    Not all of Portland's hipness includes tallboys and the scent of American Spirits: The Downtown-adjacent Pearl District is Portland's answer to the bougie downtowns of most other cities, a maze of high-rise apartments, upscale restaurants, lauded Oregon breweries Von Ebert , Deschutes , Rogue , Bridgeport , and very trendy bars.

    It butts right up against the Alphabet District, which is basically the fancier version of Alberta Arts, with the "Trendy Third" stretch of NW 23rd packing in an impossible number of boutiques and ultra-hip shops.