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Open to: All , detailed results viewable to: None. Participants: Please use the following: 2 for "yes", 1 for "sort-of", and 0 for "no" View Answers. It is a cruel twist that it is not only Remus who must suffer the wolf, but the wolf too, must suffer Remus. It is a beast of the woodland that has been funneled into the blood stream, trapped by Dark Magic that only lets it break free a handful of times a year, and then only in part.

They are intertwined, intimately and irrevocably, and yet wholly distinct, oil and water, a perverse patch-working of magic that leaves neither whole, never free. Reply Thread. When I read your review I snorted coke through my nose. I am sorry for your purse. I wanted this piece to have a certain 'feel' to it, so that when I took the you the reader to a not so pretty place, you might not mind so much that I took you there, if that makes sense. It needed to be pretty, because what I was working with, wasn't. Well, this really needed a happy wrap up you know.

I'm not that cruel!! Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!! Reply Parent Thread. As he stands silent, teeth gnashing, blood pumping in jealousy and anger, the wolf that runs circles in his veins mocks him, silent as ever, for not taking, claiming, owning, what should be his, what he wants more than air, more than sunlight, even more than the wolf wants the moon.

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He has just passed Sirius, his Sirius, his beautiful raven haired god of a boy with his chest pressing against some person, could be boy, could be girl, but not him, never him. It is only with a will born out of years of self control, of forcing the canine in his veins to remain leashed, that he is able to move his feet, look away, move along.

You owned my heart from the opening paragraph! From the fact that the wolf is ever present inside of the boy, to your beautiful phrasing to the jealousy, I knew I was in for a good tale! And you didn't disappoint at all.

Cuddling Your Werewolf

The wolf's way of marking territory will be distasteful for some but the way you portray the agony and dilemma as well as the realistic handling carried the day. I really didn't know if this tale would have a happy ending or not but I am glad that it did. This review made me do a little dance, just so you know. I have a pretty cool new camera. Let's do it. Joe Oh, yeah. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Y'all sure know how to do a watermelon-basil lemonade here in Garrity. Got it up at Spot-Hitter.

Every drink hit the spot. This is good. Yeah, I sure wish I could cross this here police tape, come in there and help you out, but I'm just a private citizen who was not hired to do a job.

So good luck, Sheriff. Oh, w-what is this for me?! Oh, that-- that's kind of y'all. That real nice. And, oh, look at this right he-yump. Say in the memo section "Should have done this yesterday. Oh, you can't see that? That's right, 'cause it not yesterday. Have no fear, Sheriff. Joe is he-yump.

There weren't many body parts left after the attack, So we put them all in one casket. And let us all pray for Matt's speedy recovery. His mother Susan-- I'm sorry, Matt would like to stay a few words. Yo, what up, mayor! It's me, Matt. My mom's having a tough time coping emotionally, crying a lot, so she stayed home.

If you see her, just be supportive. Also, anybody want to buy my mix tape? You'll find me after the funeral. Carol Thank you, Matt. Hope your mother feels better. Cleave, did you want to say a few words? Matt was always nice to me. He invited me to hack last night, but I I ended up working late. But I want everyone to rest easy. I will be the George Zimmerman of Garrity!

Remember that guy from the news? Not your best example, Cleave. Why don't you go sit down? Very sorry to interrupt such somber soliloquies, but, uh, I would like to announce a lead in the werewolf case. I have just come from the scene of the hacky-sack killing, where I found many werewolf pubes. Werewolf pubes. Now, I shall be coming door to door over the next couple days to retrieve pubic hair samples From each and every one of y'all up in he-yump.

So if you could please do me the favor of having a dirty curly at the ready, preferably clean, I'd appreciate that. Gentlemen pallbearers, if you will.

Joe Now, Sonny, I do understand this may not be the best time to ask for a pubic hair sample. I-I could come back.

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Should be a good one in there somewhere. Here's my pube, Neon Joe.

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Yeah, Cleave, I can tell you a good egg. Let's just hope this here pube sample is negative. I would hate to splatter that good egg's yolk brains all over this town with a silver bullet. Well, then, cross my pubes and don't hope to die! Rolling stone gather no moss.

[Werewolf: the Forsaken] The Seventh Seal

But it do gather pubes. I'm pregnant with Matt's baby. It was a coma conception. Babe, that's awesome!