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What is outsourcing?
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This eBook will offer you outsourcing techniques. Take note of the different jobs you can outsource to freelancers or employees and the types of workers you should hire and those you should keep away to improve your business.

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Outsourcing is a powerful way to save you personal and professional time. You'll be able to take action, get more done in less time and achieve substantial profit. The O. Grab your copy now Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 19 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Outsourcing Techniques , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Outsourcing Techniques. Lists with This Book. In principle, employees may benefit from the protection offered by the directive. Many Western European firms have been transferring tech projects eastward. The outsourcing services market continued to flourish in Central and Eastern European during — In Poland alone, during , despite a global economic downturn, approximately 10, jobs were created in business process outsourcing BPO. The law will apply if at least one party of suppliers, clients, labors reside in Japan, and if the labors are the integral part of the chain of command by the client company, or the supplier.

Victims can lodge a criminal complaint against the CEO of the suppliers and clients. Countries that have been the focus of outsourcing include India, [] and the Philippines for American and European companies, and China and Vietnam for Japanese companies. The former refers to employees. Both refer to out-of-country but relatively nearby locations.

Nearshoring is having business processes , especially information technology processes, in a nearby country, often sharing a border with the target country. Cultural alignment with the business is often more readily achieved through near-sourcing due to there being similarities between the cultures in which the business is located and in which services are sub-contracted, including for example proficiency with the language used in that culture.

Communication on business projects between management and the project team is often of particular concern.

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Constraints imposed by time zones can make communication a labor intense process, so near-sourcing provides a solution for facilitating the communication process through eliminating or reducing time zone constraints. Proximity also facilitates communication by allowing various actors within the business to meet on a regular basis when required. Traveling from the United States to Canada only takes a few hours depending on the location, but traveling to China or Europe often entails a much longer flight time.

Nearshoring is a derivative of the business term offshoring. Software development nearshoring is mainly due to available low cost skilled developers. Many nearshore providers attempted to circumvent communication and project management barriers by developing new ways to align organizations. As a result, concepts such as remote insourcing were created to give clients more control in managing their own projects.

Nearshoring still hasn't overcome all barriers, but proximity allows more flexibility to align organizations. Collaboration by universities, industry, and government has slowly produced improvements. The United States has a special visa , the H-1B , [] which enables American companies to temporarily up to three years, or by extension, six hire foreign workers to supplement their employees or replace those holding existing positions.

In hearings on this matter, a United States senator called these "their outsourcing visa. Similarly, members of the Direct Mail Marketing Association were the "outsourcers" for advertising agencies and others doing mailings. DMMA celebrated their th anniversary in The term "outsourcing" became very common in the print and mail business during the s, and later expanded to be very broad and inclusive of most any process by the year Today, there are web based print to mail solutions for small to mid-size companies which allow the user to send one to thousands of documents into the mail stream, directly from a desktop or web interface.

The term outsource marketing has been used in Britain to mean the outsourcing of the marketing function.

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While much of this work is the "bread and butter" of specialized departments within advertising agencies, sometimes specialist are used, such as when the Guardian newspaper outsourced most of their marketing design in May Business process outsourcing BPO is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider.

Originally, this was associated with manufacturing firms, such as Coca-Cola that outsourced large segments of its supply chain. BPO is typically categorized into back office and front office outsourcing. BPO can be offshore outsourcing or to a neighbouring or nearby country: nearsourcing nearshore outsourcing. Although BPO began as a cost-reducer, changes specifically the move to more service-based rather than product-based contracts , companies now choose to outsource their back-office increasingly for time flexibility and direct quality control.

BPO vendor charges are project-based or fee-for-service, using business models such as Remote In-Sourcing or similar software development and outsourcing models. BPO also permits focusing on a company's core competencies. Supply chain management with effective use of supply chain partners and business process outsourcing can increase the speed of several business processes. Even various contractual compensation strategies may leave the company as having a new "single point of failure" where even an after the fact payment is not enough to offset "complete failure of the customer's business".

The latter is called lock-in ; flexibility may be lost due to penalty clauses and other contract terms. Security risks can arise regarding both from physical communication and from a privacy perspective. Employee attitude may change, and the company risks losing independence. Risks and threats of outsourcing must therefore be managed, to achieve any benefits. In order to manage outsourcing in a structured way, maximising positive outcome, minimising risks and avoiding any threats, a business continuity management BCM model is set up.

BCM consists of a set of steps, to successfully identify, manage and control the business processes that are, or can be outsourced. Analytical hierarchy process AHP is a framework of BPO focused on identifying potential outsourceable information systems. Willcocks, M. Lacity and G. Fitzgerald identify several contracting problems companies face, ranging from unclear contract formatting, to a lack of understanding of technical IT processes.

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Industry analysts have identified robotic process automation RPA software and in particular the enhanced self-guided RPAAI based on artificial intelligence as a potential threat to the industry [] [] and speculate as to the likely long term impact. With the average length of a BPO contract being 5 years or more [] — and many contracts being longer — this hypothesis will take some time to play out.

On the other hand, an academic study [] by the London School of Economics was at pains to counter the so-called "myth" that RPA will bring back many jobs from offshore. One possible argument behind such an assertion is that new technology provides new opportunities for increased quality, reliability, scalability and cost control, thus enabling BPO providers to increasingly compete on an outcomes-based model rather than competing on cost alone. With the core offering potentially changing from a "lift and shift" approach based on fixed costs to a more qualitative, service based and outcomes-based model, there is perhaps a new opportunity to grow the BPO industry with a new offering.

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India, China and the Philippines are major powerhouses in the industry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Offshoring. Main article: Globalization. See also: Disney litigation. Main article: H-1B visa.